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Kim Leahy Technical Director at based in Waterford City

Technical Director - Kim Leahy

Kim is a website developer and software programmer with twenty years’ experience in the I.T. field. Prior to setting up Cquent in 2007, he worked for several multi-national companies on large software projects all over Europe and the US. This gave him an in-depth knowledge of business processes and computer systems which he brings to his current role.


He has been involved with computers since disks were really floppy and currently likes nothing better than to create programs that improve a web user’s online experience or streamline a business process. Years of experience of large enterprise systems such as SAP and large databases allow him to design systems for SMEs that are structured for reliability and expandability. Since 2007, Kim has been building websites for online shopping, trading and blogging. He has also built several complete back-office systems to meet specific client demands thereby streamlining their processes and saving them time and money.

Kim enjoys living in Waterford City in the Sunny South East as he likes to run, swim, kayak, hill-walk and scuba dive.



Director - Ray Leahy

Ray Leahy Director (website designer) at based in Waterford City

Ray is a website builder and front-end developer living in the wonderful city of Waterford in the sunny Southeast of Ireland.

He is a co-founder of, which was established in 2007. He is busy creating brand reinforcing web sites with e-commerce and content management systems for large and small companies. At the same time he is passionate about keeping them as simple and intuitive to use as possible; balancing functionality and appealing aesthetics.

Ray has been in the Internet world for as long as he can remember. With a history in materials and planning, computers were always at the centre of his work. Over the years, he has created custom websites for a variety of organizations ranging from large multinationals to small one-person companies. He specialises in Search engine optimisation (SEO) and loves the challenge of improving a website's position in the Google index.

When he's not in front of the computer, you'll find Ray in the great outdoors kayaking, running, mountain biking or hill walking and a camera won’t be far away.

“I love my job, and because of that, our clients can benefit from a decade of experience and passion for creating websites that perform really well in search engines. Clients keep coming back to us because of our flexible, friendly and engaging approach to our work.”

Ray is always looking for new exciting projects and to work on with new clients, so please feel free to get in touch

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Website Design and eCommerce Website Development

Cquent is a company I regularly recommend to others. Their knowledge of e-commerce, SEO and website design is second to none, on top of their 'can do' attitude. I have worked with Cquent for many years now and no matter what the issue or query, they always know how to tackle it. They also have a very quick response time, which is critical for us being an e-commerce business. On a personal note, the guys are a pleasure to deal with and, again, I never have any hesitation in recommending Cquent to anyone looking for web developers.

Website Design and eCommerce Development Services

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