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Many companies are taking full advantage of this new sales channel, and many retailers now have established major on-line sales sites. There have been some huge successes, particularly in technology, business-to-business and niche markets. So, what are the basics that you need to get into this potentially lucrative method of trading ?

  • Firstly you need something that you intend selling; a product or service. If you are in business already you will have this. Alternately, ecommerce is a great low-overhead way to start in business. 
  • Next you need to build a catalogue that your visitor can use to see your range of products. 
  • After that, you need a way to enable your customer to place an order and to have a record of that order. This is typically the shopping cart element of your website.
  • Finally, you need a way to collect your customer's money. Credit card systems provide a convenient means of payment for virtual transactions as well as a facility for handling multi-currency transactions at a low cost.


The only steps you need to take after this are to market the company online and elsewhere and watch the money roll into your account !

Cquent has experience in all the necessary steps and will be delighted to guide you through the process, advising you how to maximise profits and avoid the pitfalls.


Website Design and eCommerce Website Development

Setting up a website is an integral part of any business in the current technologically dependent culture. It forms the face of any business on line. Often it can be the first contact someone has with your business and will help form the first impression a potential customer or client will get. Therefore, it was imperative for me to find a web design team that had the experience, professionalism and a remarkable understanding of what I wanted to achieve on line. Cquent delivered on all of these aspects and more. I couldn't recommend the service highly enough. From the very beginning of Music4Children they made sure every aspect of the web design reflected the vision and ethos of my business. The support and advice I received was outstanding and as a result I am a returning customer as we now review my online presence to accommodate my expanding business. I recommend the Cquent web design team with enthusiasm.

Website Design and eCommerce Development Services

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