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So you want a website but don't know where to start !

The first thing you need is to decide is what goals you have for the website. Do you want to promote a business, service or product ? Have you an existing business that you want to market to a new and wider audience ? Have you an 'old' website that isn't meeting your expectations and needs a re-design ? If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions, then you've already started the process. If you would like our help exploring what a website would do for you, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Once you've decided on the focus of the website by setting your goals, there are a series of steps that are followed to achieve the result you desire :




Website Design and eCommerce Website Development

Setting up a website is an integral part of any business in the current technologically dependent culture. It forms the face of any business on line. Often it can be the first contact someone has with your business and will help form the first impression a potential customer or client will get. Therefore, it was imperative for me to find a web design team that had the experience, professionalism and a remarkable understanding of what I wanted to achieve on line. Cquent delivered on all of these aspects and more. I couldn't recommend the service highly enough. From the very beginning of Music4Children they made sure every aspect of the web design reflected the vision and ethos of my business. The support and advice I received was outstanding and as a result I am a returning customer as we now review my online presence to accommodate my expanding business. I recommend the Cquent web design team with enthusiasm.

Website Design and eCommerce Development Services

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